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Dallmann Confections Celebrates World Plant Milk Day and Continues To Generate a Buzz in the Vegan Community

San Diego, California, Aug. 17, 2023 | Dallmann Confections today announced that they are celebrating the wonderful world of plant milks, leading up to World Plant Milk Day this Saturday, August 22, 2023. The female-led chocolate company is one of the leading online gourmet chocolate stores where chocolate-loving customers can find the best selection of premium vegan chocolates.

The History of World Plant Milk Day

World Plant Milk Day was founded in 2017 by Robbie Lockie, a co-creator of Plant Based News. The day celebrates plant-derived alternatives as substitutes for conventional dairy milk. A year after its founding, World Plant Milk Day was connected to the ProVeg campaign which is a global food awareness organization. The purpose is to replace animal based products with plant based products.

Celebrate World Plant Milk Day by trying out different types of plant-based milks, such as the following options:

Almond Milk: As one of the most popular alternatives to dairy milk, almond milk suits many individuals except for those with tree nut allergies.

Oat Milk: Currently one of the fastest-growing plant milk choices in the US market, oat milk closely resembles the texture of cow's milk and has potential sustainability benefits.

Soy Milk: Originally one of the most prevalent plant-based milk options, soy milk's popularity varies due to personal taste preferences, concerns about its calorie content, and its distinct flavor.

Coconut Milk: Derived from coconut flesh, coconut milk offers a creamy, mildly sweet liquid. Its versatility allows it to be incorporated into smoothies, soups, sauces, ice cream, and even chocolate delicacies.

“What makes our vegan chocolates delightfully rich in flavor is the coconut milk we use in them,”

Enjoy Plant Milk in Dallmann Confections’ Vegan Chocolates

“What makes our vegan chocolates delightfully rich in flavor is the coconut milk we use in them,” said Isabella Knack, CEO/owner of Dallmann Confections. “We chose this plant-based alternative to dairy milk because we’re based in San Diego, California and it provides a delicate tropical flavor essence in our vegan chocolates. Coconut milk is also high in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTSs), known for their benefits to overall heart health.

ABOUT DALLMANN CONFECTIONS: Dallmann Confections is a proudly female-led and operated gourmet chocolate company in San Diego California. Dallmann Confections specializes in handcrafting a variety of exquisite artisan chocolates made with premium ingredients sourced from fair trade and sustainability-minded partners in Europe.

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