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Taste our gourmet vegan chocolate truffles. We offer 10 decadent flavors. All are plant based with ingredients like almonds, dates, coconut cream, quinoa, cocoa nibs, peanut butter and more – all of which are hugged by and encased in dark chocolate.

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A Chocolate Experience

Chocolate Tastings

Boost moral or bond with favorite clients over some good wine and great chocolate with our virtual or in-person chocolate tasting experiences.

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Corporate Chocolate Gifting

Combine our exquisite chocolate and elegant packaging with your company logo.

Say thank you to your top clients or reward your colleagues for a job well done with Dallmann Fine Chocolates

Luxury Gourmet Chocolates


At Dallmann Confections, we create the most exquisite chocolates. Whether you're searching for a present for someone special or to indulge yourself, our gourmet chocolate collection is guaranteed to provide you with a memorable experience you're looking for.

From our delectably dark chocolate collections to our beautiful white chocolate gift boxes, all of our chocolates are hand selected by our specialists and produced with only the best ingredients. We create and pack our gourmet gift boxes by hand, so they are distinctively exclusive and only available here.

Gourmet Chocolates, the Gift that Melts in Your Mouth


When it comes to gift giving, e.g. a box of Dallmann Confections chocolates is a gift like no other.

Not only is the chocolate within the box beautifully tempting, wonderfully decadent, and perfectly presented, but the box itself is a work of art, making our creations an ideal gift for anyone and everyone. Whatever type of chocolate flavors your loved one enjoys the most, we can offer their favorites. You can be rest assured that your gift will be remembered and enjoyed!

Created to perfection using the Dallmann method of combining artisanal techniques and love with the finest quality ingredients, our gourmet chocolate line is made with great skill and care in our kitchen and is filled with outstanding flavors. You're just one delicious bite away from realizing what makes these delights really exceptional.

Every chocolate in our gourmet line is a visual and sensory delight, handcrafted with the best ingredients by our skilled chocolatiers. From deliciously flavorful hot chocolate beverages and silky-smooth sea salt caramels to mouthwatering truffles, our handmade, elegant sweet treats are an absolute pleasure that will have you coming back for more.

Explore Chocolate In A New Way: Virtual Chocolate Tastings


At Dallmann Confections, we want everyone to experience not just the chocolate itself, but also the taste sensation that can only be experienced when you understand how different flavors combine.

That's why we offer virtual chocolate tastings. This unique offering means that you can learn as much as possible about chocolate, including how it's made, and what to pair with it, and you’ll learn all this from our expert chocolatiers who know exactly how to make the very best chocolate delights. Virtual chocolate tastings are a great way to spend an evening in the company of friends, and when it comes to entertaining business clients, what could be more enjoyable than indulging in chocolate? It's one of the best ways to ensure that everyone truly gets the most out of chocolate.

Create Your Own Indulgences: Build a Box of Artisan Chocolates


Of course, at Dallmann Confections, we understand that everyone is different, and everyone's taste buds will react to new and exciting flavors in various ways. So although we have worked hard to create the ultimate gift boxes of the most luscious handcrafted chocolates, we also have a build your own chocolate box option, which means you can pick each individual chocolatey treat to add to your box in any combination that you’d like.

You know yourself – and your loved ones – better than anyone, so you know just what luxury chocolates will be best enjoyed. Whether it's a box filled with one specific type of chocolate or a box that has one of everything that we offer at Dallmann Confections, you’ll always have a box full of heavenly treats. Chocolate is something everyone can enjoy, no matter what age, no matter what palette.

Door To Door Chocolate Service


Our dedication to convenience is something else to remember about Dallmann Confections. We deliver our chocolates to your door. Whether you're ordering one box, ten boxes, or setting up a subscription, you can do so from the comfort of your home. Sit back and relax, make your choice online, and wait for your truffles and treats to be delivered quickly and reliably by our couriers. It's a convenient, effortless way to buy the best chocolates, and the reward – a box of Dallmann Confections' very best delights – is well worth every moment.

Whether it’s a gift or a little treat for yourself, you simply cannot go wrong when chocolate is involved. And when that chocolate is from Dallmann Confections, you’ll know you've made the right choice with that very first bite.