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Hot Chocolate Bombs: Bombalicious!

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Dallmann's hot cocoa bombs are made with the gourmet chocolate novice in mind.

You’ll receive four of our hot chocolate balls made from the very best Belgian couverture chocolate that results in a premium sweet treat you’ll want to enjoy time and again.

Dallmann’s Decadent Bombalicious Hot Cocoa Bombs

Whether you’re a seasoned high-end chocolate lover or if you’re simply looking for an extra indulgent chocolate treat for your next mug of steaming hot cocoa, Bombalicious hot chocolate bombs are ready to fill your mug.

Bombalicious chocolate bombs are made with the gourmet chocolate novice in mind. You’ll receive four of our hot chocolate balls made from the very best Belgian couverture chocolate that results in a premium sweet treat you’ll want to enjoy time and again.

Each hot chocolate bomb is crafted in the USA by Isabella Knack, the owner of Dallmann’s and the lead chocolatier, alongside her team of chocolate aficionados, and each is made from premium couverture chocolate from Belgium and France. Inside every cocoa ball is an extra treat in the form of a classic and delectable marshmallow. With Austrian chocolate artisan skills Isabella gleaned from her mama and papa, she has created a truly delectable and uniquely delicious treat.

My kids kept asking me if we could do ‘hot chocolate bombs’ as they were seeing tik tok videos and YouTube videos around making the chocolate drinks. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I set out to see what these little spheres of joy were about, and to my surprise many of them weren’t made with the rich chocolate that I would expect, nor were they made here in the US.

Knowing my love for chocolate, plus my desire to create a delicious, decadent treat for my kids, family, friends, and customers, I was inspired to create my gourmet hot chocolate bombs, Bombalicious.

You can easily make them yourself - see my ‘how to make a mug for you’ below, or you can opt to buy Dallmann’s gourmet hot chocolate bombs for immediate self-indulgence! They’re also perfect to drink, share, or gift. Enjoy! I know we are ;)

What's inside

2x Milk Hot Chocolate Bombs with Classic Marshmallows inside

2x Dark Hot Chocolate Bombs with Classic Marshmallows inside

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Care Instructions

What is the Shelf Life of a Bombalicious Hot Cocoa Bomb?

These chocolate treats are best stored at room temperature, in a sealed container, and out of sunlight. They remain edible for up to 60 days when stored correctly. So don’t be afraid to start buying all the cocoa bombs you want for the holiday season or beyond. Make the most of the long shelf life by being super prepared this year when it comes to buying gifts early for your holiday celebrations.

What are Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs are delicious chocolate spheres filled with chocolate milk powder and marshmallows designed to improve your hot cocoa experience. They are made to be placed at the bottom of your mug and then covered in steaming hot milk, which results in a creamy, delicious cup of hot cocoa. Because of chocolate’s versatility, there are many different designs and flavors you can experiment with when it comes to hot chocolate bombs. Consider mixing in a different type of milk, such as almond or coconut milk, for a unique treat your tastebuds will love.


How to Make a Mug of Hot Chocolate with Bombalicious

  1. Choose your favorite mug and ensure it’s big enough to allow your chocolate treat to last even longer!
  2. Drop one hot chocolate bomb into the mug.
  3. Pour 6 oz. of hot milk over the bomb. Choose whichever milk you’d like. Tip: for a creamier, silkier taste, Isabella’s favorite is whole milk!
  4. tir the milk well with a spoon to dissolve the bomb.
  5. Boom! You’re now ready to enjoy your Bombalicious heavenly hot chocolate drink!

Where Can You Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Isabella’s gourmet Bombalicious bombs can easily and quickly be ordered right from her online store (remember, she handcrafts them here in the USA). Ordering from her online store guarantees artisan chocolate creations that come straight from Isabella’s dedicated team, and each creation comes with a European taste and classic chocolate charm you won’t find when buying from mainstream stores like Amazon, Walmart, Costco or elsewhere. Imagine buying all the BEST hot chocolate bombs you could need and want right here and now!


How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs Yourself at Home

Have a craving and want to give them a go yourself? We got you covered!


Ingredients and Tools You Will Need

  • Good-quality chocolate of your choosing. We can help with this as we offer white chocolate, dark chocolate, Vegan Chocolate and milk chocolate rondos.
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Mini-marshmallows
  • Food thermometer to keep track of the chocolate’s temperature, which is a must for this recipe.
  • Silicone mold to create the perfect chocolate ball shape. t You can also experiment with different shaped molds if you’re feeling particularly creative! Silicone, though, is the easiest mold option for beginners.
  • ¼” paintbrush. to apply the chocolate to the molds.

  • Piping bag
  • Parchment paper


  • Sprinkles if you’d like to decorate the outside of your hot chocolate bombs.
  • Labels if you’re making these for others, like as a gift. Labels provide the finishing touch whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, or just want to treat the chocolate lover in your life.
  • Gloves if you’d like to avoid fingerprints on your shiny chocolate finish.>


    How to Make the Hot Chocolate Bombs


    Step 1: Chop 24 ounces of chocolate into very fine pieces. Keep chopping until there are no big chunks left.

    Step 2: Heat the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds (no longer!).

    Step 3: Stir your chocolate with a spatula, scraping any chocolate off the sides of the container and moving all chocolate to the middle.

    Step 4: Place back into the microwave and heat for another 15 seconds.

    Step 5: Stir again in the same way as step 3.

    Step 6: Check the temperature of your chocolate, which should be no more than 90ºF.

    Step 7: Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 until your chocolate is completely melted and never higher than 90ºF.

    Step 8: Pour the chocolate onto the parchment paper and place it in the fridge for 5 minutes.

    Step 9: Check that your chocolate is shiny and snaps loudly when you break it in half. If so, then it’s ready for your molds!


    If not, it may have been heated too much. You can then add 6 more ounces of chocolate and stir until it’s all melted to rectify.


    Placing Your Chocolate into the Mold


    Step 1: Paint a thin layer of chocolate inside of the clean and residue-free mold.

    Step 2: Put into the fridge for 5 minutes.

    Step 3: Apply a second coat of chocolate.

    Step 4: Repeat step 2.

    Step 5: Release your chocolate from the mold.


    Assembling Your Chocolate Bombs


    Step 1: Put your first half of the sphere into something that will hold it steady. Fill about three-quarters of it with hot chocolate mix and mini-marshmallows.

    Step 2: Use your piping bag to put melted chocolate onto the space that’s left.

    Step 3: Clean off any excess for a seamless look.

    Step 4: Roll in sprinkles or other decorations to finish.

    Step 5: Enjoy!


    Buying Your Hot Chocolate Bombs


    Chocolate bombs are easy to make yourself but can take a lot of practice for perfection. If you would prefer to get your hands on some hot chocolate bombs hassle-free, you can buy them right here from Dallmann Confections. We’re happy to have them delivered wherever you’d like!