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  • Dallmann Confections Kicks Off the Biggest Savings of the Holiday Season with Exclusive Early Black Friday Deals, Beginning on Nov. 13th

    Dallmann Confections, one of the leading online gourmet chocolate stores in the country, today announced that they will be launching exclusive deals and promos leading up to Black Friday starting on November 13, 2023. Customers are guaranteed to save big on their favorite gourmet chocolate treats.
  • Dallmann Confections Announces Pre-Order Availability of Three Limited Edition Gourmet Chocolate Treats for Holiday 2023

    Dallmann Confections is celebrating the joyous season ahead with three limited edition Holiday chocolate treats created to help customers make happy holiday memories with their loved ones. The woman-owned chocolate company is one of the leading online gourmet chocolate stores that offer gift-ready treats for chocolate lovers of all ages.
  • Dallmann Confections Celebrates The Fall Season With Limited Edition Autumn-Inspired Chocolate Collection

    Dallmann Confections, a San Diego based online gourmet chocolate store, is embracing the colder months ahead with the launch of their limited edition Fall Chocolate Collection. This special collection of gourmet chocolates invites you to indulge into a symphony of autumn-inspired flavors that perfectly captures the essence of the season.
  • Gift Giving Made Easy: 5 Occasions Chocolate Is Perfect For

    Do you know anyone who doesn’t like some form of chocolate? 

    Arguably one of the most versatile gifts available, there are so many special occasions that can be made even better with the gift of chocolate. 

    From the day that couples celebrate their love and commitment to one another to the time when families come together to celebrate the day someone was born, read on to discover 5 occasions where chocolate is the best gift choice. 

    Plus, find out how to create the ultimate chocolate gift box for someone you love.

  • Celebrate Someone Special With Chocolate Gifts

    Want to celebrate someone special in your life? Click to discover our celebration chocolates by Dallmann, chocolate gifts to celebrate the milestones and the ones you love who achieve them, or achieve them with you.
  • Wine with Chocolate: Top Pairings to Try at Home

    Love wine and chocolate? Who doesn’t? Click to read and discover the best chocolate and wine pairing from the experts at Dallmann Confections, options to suit different tastes.
  • Chocolate Birthday Gifts: The Delicious Happy Birthday Option

    A gourmet gift that is guaranteed to go down a treat, there are so many reasons why a box of chocolates is the perfect choice for any special occasion but especially birthdays! Click to learn more about Dallmann's chocolate birthday gifts.
  • Ways To Enjoy Labor Day Weekend 2023

    Labor Day weekend is just around the corner! Here's how to make the most of the final three-day weekend of s...
  • How To Pair Beer with Chocolates

    You’ll be amazed at how much you will enjoy pairing beer with chocolates. Scroll down to read out beer and c...