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About Dallmann

Isabella Knack - Connect with Me on LinkedIn
Owner of Dallmann Confections

Creating decadent indulgence flows through my family line. I grew up in a small town outside of Salzburg, where the Sound of Music was filmed, and my family’s business was a pastry shop. Dallmann’s began its operation in 1954 by my grandfather, Guenther Dallmann who opened his first pastry shop in St. Gilgen, Austria. He baked fresh pastries daily and was very mindful of the details, always ensuring to use only the freshest ingredients, and this led to his shop becoming extremely popular among the locals. Guenther’s daughter Sylvia and her husband Franz continued with Dallmann’s, and with their creativity, ingenuity, and dedication, they turned Dallmann’s into a world-renowned business.


Growing up, I worked in my family’s shop, where I learned the art of bringing delectable treats to people.  And when I got the chance to move to San Diego, I jumped on it with the vision of keeping the family traditions and business alive. In Austria, my parents began creating Mozartkugel (a deliciously unique chocolatey nougat ball originally created in 1890 in Salzburg), and I wanted to bring the Mozartkugel to America, so that’s how my shop started.


Dallmann Confections opened in 2006, and in 2011, we opened our first retail shop. My family’s business has been given a new dimension by opening a shop in San Diego that specializes in exquisite artisan chocolates. I strive to bring the old-world and the new-world together by taking my family’s recipes and putting my own artistic and distinctive twist to them all while following in my grandfather’s steps of only using the finest ingredients possible.


 My core values are rooted in bringing my customers the absolute best quality product possible, along with exceptional service. I have a passion for my products, and I strive to have that shine through with the creativity and craftsmanship put into each one. My gratitude for the opportunity to serve you and my community runs deep, just as it has for my family’s past generations.


Our chocolates have found their way into world-class hotels and restaurants, as well as many gourmet shops, but what I have found most important is the fact that our chocolate is bringing moments of joy to people everywhere.


My wonderful family has stood by me as I pursue my dream of bringing you the best chocolate treats you’ve ever had. I’m eternally thankful to my wonderful husband Jayson; my beautiful daughters Malia, , and Lilly,  and my adorable son Ben. It’s so enjoyable that my children are already getting involved with chocolate making. Seeing their happy faces while making chocolate with me is priceless! My family’s love and support are part of the foundation for which Dallmann Confections stands upon.


All of us here at Dallmann’s look forward to serving you!