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Mother's Day Chocolate Gifts

Mother's Day Chocolate: A Box of Chocolate for Mom


In your search for a special Mother’s Day gift, you have come to the perfect place! You’ll always be giving a great gift when it comes to chocolate, and Dallmann chocolate takes chocolate to an entirely new level beyond the chocolate shelves of supermarkets. However, when you do find yourself in the supermarket, consider getting a bottle of wine, white, red, or bubbly to pair with a box of special Mother’s Day chocolates from Dallmann – wine pairing is amazing with our chocolates!


Whether it’s your wife, sister, mom, stepmom, grandma, or someone else you want to celebrate, we have a range of Mother’s Day chocolate products available. Each box is lovingly designed creating a memorable impression when the recipient receives their gift. Yet, we know the real treat resides within.


For our special Mother’s Day chocolate boxes, we have carefully curated a selection of our best-selling, luxurious chocolates, which are made from the highest quality ingredients. Diverse, distinctive, and most importantly delicious, you and your loved one may just find a new favorite chocolate flavor as many of our repeat customers have. Or even better, you may just find more than one new favorite flavor! 


Picking the right box

At Dallmann, we offer a range of gift boxes with different designs and quantities which we hope you find to fit your preferences perfectly.


Our gift boxes come in four different sizes: 9-pieces, 16-pieces, 25-pieces, and 50-pieces. The 9-piece gift box could be a great complement with flowers or a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, like wine. If you want to go for an ultimate statement piece in chocolate form, we got you covered with our 25-piece, or even bigger, our build your own 50-piece chocolate box.


And guess what? With our 50-piece chocolate box, you get to customize the entire box! That’s right – you get to choose every piece. Want a box filled with every choice we offer, or maybe a box filled with 50 pieces of your special mom’s favorite flavor, or half and half? It’s totally up to you how you want to fill your 50-piece chocolate box!


We feel that a big box of unique, handcrafted, artisan chocolate is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for the chocoholic in your life!


Why Dallmann sits above the rest

We know that you have a vast choice of chocolates you could purchase for Mother’s Day, so why choose Dallmann chocolates? We have been in operation since 1954, getting our start in Austria where we began creating delectables that the locals flocked to. Over the years, we mastered the production of artisan chocolates, with every piece of chocolate being made with only the finest ingredients.


Our own head chocolatier, Isabella Knack, grew up learning to make amazingly delicious chocolate treats in Dallmann’s shop in Austria, and she strives to bring old-world and new-world tastes to her creations just for you. With Dallmann chocolates, you’ll find artistic, unique, and downright scrumptious chocolates that you won’t find elsewhere. And we strive to exceed your expectations, so we continually seek out new mouth-watering flavor combinations to use in our gourmet chocolate truffles. You deserve the best chocolate and the best variety, and that’s what our customers have told us they find here at Dallmann.


For Mother’s Day, we’d love to help make that special mom in your life feel a little extra special, and a Dallmann Mother’s Day chocolate gift box is a sweet way to show your love and appreciation. With Mother’s Day around the corner, now is a great time to order your Mother’s Day chocolate box!