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Dallmann Confections Best Sale of the Year is Here with Unbeatable Deals for Labor Day

San Diego, California, Aug. 17, 2023 | Dallmann Confections, one of the leading online gourmet chocolate stores in the country, today announced their Labor Day Weekend sale event. This woman-owned chocolate company handcrafts chocolates using the finest ingredients, responsibly sourced from fair trade and environmentally conscious partners here and in Europe.

In honor of Labor Day, the San Diego maker of decadent artisan chocolates with Austrian culinary heritage will be offering a sitewide Labor Day Sale starting September 1st. Chocolate-loving aficionados will save 20% on Dallmann Confections’ exquisite artisanal chocolates until September 5th.

Dallmann Confections offers a variety of chocolate treats to satisfy any chocolate lover’s sweet tooth any given day. Isabella Knack, owner and head chocolatier of Dallmann Confections revealed the most anticipated treats to sell out the most on the said sale event:

Vegan Chocolate Collection - a collection of 100% plant-based chocolate. The collection features 10 velvety, rich flavors but shoppers can select their preferred flavors using their ‘Build Your Own Vegan Chocolate Box’ facility.

Summer Chocolate Collection - a limited edition collection of chocolates that perfectly encapsulates the taste of popular summer flavors like key lime, mango, pineapple, yuzu and more.

Exotic Chocolate Collection - a special collection of chocolates that features bold and intoxicating flavor combinations using unconventional and unexpected ingredients. An adventurous treat.

About Dallmann Confections: Dallmann Confections is a proudly female-led and operated gourmet chocolate company in San Diego California. Dallmann Confections specializes in handcrafting a variety of exquisite artisan chocolates made with premium ingredients sourced from fair trade and sustainability-minded partners in the US and in Europe.

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