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9 Piece Happy Anniversary Chocolate Box

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Want to make an anniversary even more special and memorable? Just look to our box of assorted chocolate delights to enhance the day! Inside this box, you’ll find nine perfect drops of gourmet chocolate to surprise a loved one. You can’t go wrong with our bestselling pieces of chocolate heaven, and your loved one will thank you with each savory bite they enjoy.

Each box is unique with a surprise and wide assortment of flavors. If you’d like to customize, there is an option to “Build Your Own Box” in which you can select your specific flavors.

Chocolate: A Perfect Anniversary Gift For Everyone


Chocolate makes the perfect anniversary gift; it's official!


Here at Dallmann, we want to help you make every anniversary and special day as memorable as possible by providing you with delicious chocolate gifts made by our award-winning chocolatiers.


Chocolate is the Best Anniversary Gift


Whether it's your very first anniversary together, or you want to mark a special milestone, our personalized chocolate gift boxes will always hit the right note!


Chocolate has been used for centuries to make people smile. The smooth texture and rich flavors have been adored the world over, and for good reason. Our chocolate boxes can be personalized for your loved one, making sure they get the flavor combinations they love, and we give extra attention to the little details such as beautiful gift packaging to make your day special.


We have a wide array of flavors; whether you are a purist and like the chocolate to be the main event, or even if you're into mixing things up a bit with more adventurous combinations like our coconut curry flavor, we have something for your loved one, and our boxes are sharable too if you both have a sweet tooth!


Chocolate Anniversary Gifts


It's not just anniversary chocolates that make the perfect gift. We produce chocolates for anniversary gifts by year, wedding anniversary gifts, and all kinds of other special occasions. If you're stuck for some anniversary gift ideas, just give us a call!


Extra Anniversary Chocolate Deliciousness


If you're wondering what to get your loved one for that special happy anniversary chocolate, we have four amazing options for you. Each one comes with the Dallmann promise of quality, as well as our personal wish of love and happiness for your special day!


Custom Chocolate Box


Creating special boxes of custom chocolates are the perfect chocolate anniversary gifts just for your loved one. Choose either a nine piece or 16 piece box, and fill it with their favorite flavors.


Do they like something sweet? Our raspberry, blackberry, or strawberry balsamic chocolates might be the right choice. A bit more adventurous in their tastes? Why not try our cardamom, peanut butter toffee, or pine nut flavors that might hit the happy anniversary chocolate mark.


Chocolate Bars


We've taken nine incredible flavors and put them into luxurious chocolate bars that are sure to please your special someone on your special day.


Choose from:

  • Acai & Blueberry.

  • Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel.

  • Milk Chocolate Crunchy Almond.

  • Provence Chocolate Bar.

  • Goji Berry & Pink Himalayan Salt.

  • Cardamom & Orange.

  • White Chocolate Coconut Curry.

  • Valencia Chocolate Bar.

  • Milk Chocolate Bacon & Applewood Smoked Salt.


Chocolate Experience


The greatest memories we have are not always the gifts we receive but the experiences we have. So why not combine gifts and experiences by creating memories together at one of our chocolate events?


We run all kinds of chocolate experiences, from chocolate making classes to chocolate and wine pairing tasting events. Ideal for your perfect someone.




We know it's not always easy to see your loved ones on their special day, and sometimes it isn't easy to come up with new anniversary gift ideas every year and get the right gifts to them in time. With an e-gift card, they can use it to purchase the happy anniversary chocolate they love and have it delivered right to their door.


Shipping & Care


We'll aim to get your gift to you as fast as possible, depending on your chosen shipping method. We ship worldwide (may incur added fees) and offer nationwide delivery in 1-5 business days, two business days, or overnight (next business day).


Due to the fact that our chocolate is all handmade, we ask for 1-2 business days to process your order and begin shipping.


We also don't like to use any preservatives in our treats. Because of that, we recommend that you indulge in your chocolate gifts as soon as you receive them. Not going to be tucking in right away? Store your chocolates as if they were a fine red wine, at temperatures between 58- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit to keep them in great condition. If you want to stock up, our chocolates arrive shrink-wrapped so that you can store them in the freezer and enjoy your Happy Anniversary Chocolate for up to 2 months later.


About the Dallmann Fine Chocolates Family


Dallmann Fine Chocolates has a long and rich history producing the best chocolate in San Diego, but don't just take our word for it.


Dallmann was voted one of the TOP best San Diego chocolate companies by Kev's Best, voted one of the best chocolatiers in San Diego by Red Tricycle, and rated one of the best places to eat chocolates in San Diego by Eater San Diego.


Our history is embedded in creating our rich chocolate and patisserie, and we use that to bring you the very best flavors and delights.