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My Favorite Chocolate Moments in Costa Rica


As a chocolatier, my journey has taken me to many wonderful places, but one of the most memorable experiences was my visit to Costa Rica. I was incredibly lucky to have my Mom with me during this trip as she made it extra memorable. This beautiful country, known for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture, also holds a special place in the world of chocolate. Here's the story of my favorite chocolate moment in Costa Rica.
A Journey to the Heart of Cacao
Costa Rica is renowned for its rich biodiversity and sustainable agricultural practices. During my visit, I had the opportunity to explore a local cacao farm, where the journey from bean to bar begins. Walking through the cacao groves, surrounded by the scent of tropical flowers and the sound of wildlife, I felt a deep connection to the source of my craft.
Hands-On Learning
At the farm, I was guided through the traditional process of making chocolate, starting with the harvesting of cacao pods. Cracking open a ripe pod and tasting the sweet, tangy pulp around the cacao beans was an experience I’ll never forget. It was fascinating to see the transformation from raw cacao to fermented and dried beans, ready to be roasted and turned into chocolate.
The Art of Crafting Chocolate
One of the highlights was participating in a chocolate-making workshop. Under the guidance of skilled local chocolatiers, I learned about the different roasting techniques and how they affect the flavor profile of the chocolate. Grinding the roasted beans into a smooth paste and adding just the right amount of sugar and spices felt like creating magic. The final step was tempering the chocolate, a delicate process that ensures a glossy finish and satisfying snap.
Tasting the Fruits of Our Labor
The most rewarding part of the experience was tasting the chocolate we made. The flavors were incredibly vibrant, with notes of fruit, nuts, and a hint of earthiness that spoke of the rich Costa Rican soil. Sharing this moment with fellow chocolate enthusiasts and the warm-hearted farmers who had shared their knowledge and passion with us was truly special.
A Deeper Appreciation
This experience in Costa Rica deepened my appreciation for the art and science of chocolate-making. It reminded me of the importance of sustainable practices and the incredible effort that goes into every bar of chocolate. It also reinforced my commitment to supporting ethical sourcing and celebrating the origins of the ingredients I use.
Bringing It Back Home
Inspired by my journey, I brought back not only new techniques and ideas but also a renewed passion for creating chocolates that honor their origins. At Dallmann Confections, I strive to capture the essence of that Costa Rican experience in every piece I make, from the selection of fine cacao to the meticulous crafting process.
Thank you for being a part of this journey. I look forward to sharing many more delicious stories and chocolates with you.