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How to Pair ​Chocolate ​and Wine


Take a small sip of the wine, allowing it to cover ​your entire palate to ensure you experience the ​full spectrum of its flavors and textures.

Take a Bite of Chocolate

After enjoying the wine, take a bite of the ​chocolate and let it melt on your tongue.


Take another sip of wine and notice how the ​flavors of the wine compliment the taste of the ​chocolate. Pay attention to any new flavors or ​sensations that arise.

Repeat and Experiment

Continue alternating between sips of wine and ​bites of chocolate, experimenting with different ​combinations to find your favorite pairing.

cacao beans

Enjoy and Relax

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the harmonious ​combination of chocolate and wine. Take your ​time to appreciate the flavors and aromas of ​both.

Share Your Experience

Savor the Moment

If you’re pairing chocolate and wine with a ​partner, family members or friends, Discuss your ​favorite combinations and learn from each ​other's preferences.

Finally, enjoy the indulgent experience of ​pairing chocolate with wine. Take your time, and ​don't rush through the tasting process.



Tawny Port + Sea Salt Caramel

When enjoying sea salt caramels with ​Tawny Port, savor each bite of caramel ​followed by a sip of the wine to fully ​appreciate the interplay of flavors and ​textures. It's a delightful pairing that ​combines the best of sweet, salty, and nutty ​elements for a truly indulgent experience.

Pinot Noir + Blackberry

When pairing a blackberry truffle with Pinot ​Noir, take a moment to appreciate how the ​wine's fruitiness and acidity complement the ​truffle's flavors, while its soft tannins provide ​a smooth finish. Sip the wine between bites ​to fully appreciate the interplay of flavors ​and textures.

Reisling + Spicy Passion Fruit ​Caramel

When pairing a spicy passion fruit caramel ​with Riesling, Notice how the wine's ​sweetness, acidity, and fruitiness interact ​with the flavors of caramel. Sip the wine ​between bites to cleanse the palate and ​reset your taste buds for another delightful ​blend of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors

Ruby Port + 36% Milk Chocolate

When pairing a Feuilletine milk chocolate ​with Ruby Port, savor the interplay of ​sweetness, nuttiness, and caramelized ​flavors. Take a bite of the chocolate ​followed by a sip of the wine to fully ​appreciate how the two complement each ​other.

Sauvignon Blanc + Lemon & ​Thyme

When pairing a white lemon and thyme ​chocolate with Sauvignon Blanc, take a ​moment to appreciate how the wine's ​citrusy acidity and herbal nuances interact ​with the flavors of the chocolate. Sip the ​wine between bites and fall in love with the ​herbaceous and citrusy taste in the end.


Rose Champagne + Ruby ​Chocolates

When pairing ruby chocolate with Rosé ​Champagne, savor how the wine's fruity ​acidity and bubbles complement the ​chocolate's flavors. Sip Champagne ​between bites to cleanse your palate and ​enjoy the vibrant blend of fruity sweetness ​and refreshing effervescence.

When pairing white chocolate with Moscato ​d'Asti, take a moment to appreciate how the ​wine's sweetness, acidity, and fruitiness ​interact with the creamy texture and subtle ​flavors of the chocolate. Sip the wine ​between bites to cleanse the palate and ​fully experience the delightful combination ​of sweetness and refreshment.

Moscato d'Asti + White Chocolate

Merlot + Milk Chocolate

When pairing Merlot with milk chocolate, ​take a moment to savor the interplay of ​flavors and textures. Allow the wine's ​fruitiness and soft tannins to complement ​the creamy sweetness of the chocolate, ​creating a delightful combination of ​indulgent flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon + Dark ​Chocolate

When pairing Cabernet Sauvignon with ​88% dark chocolate, take a moment to ​appreciate how the wine's richness, tannins, ​and acidity interact with the bold flavors and ​velvety texture of the chocolate. Sip the ​wine between bites to cleanse the palate ​and fully experience the complexity of the ​pairing.

Experience Chocolate Like ​Never Before

Unveil the secrets of ​chocolate and wine pairings ​with Bella. Enjoy a delecta​ble journey through flavors t​hat will tantalize your taste b​uds and offer unparalle​led pleasu​re.

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