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Ways To Make Pride Month or Any Month Special 


Pride Month is an incredible celebration of the LGBTQ+ community's history and achievements. While June is known for its pride events, we believe in embracing the spirit of inclusivity and support throughout the year. Discover our exceptional pride chocolate LGBTQ+ gifts and come along with us, showing your support for their community all year long.


The History and Essence of Pride 


Originating from the historic Stonewall Rising in 1969, Pride Month has become pivotal in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. It symbolizes unity and marks a turning point toward equality. 

Today, Pride Month encompasses a wide array of activities, such as art exhibitions, panel discussions, concerts, and more, inviting everyone to join in and express their support for the LGBTQ+ community.


Celebrating Pride Year-Round


Our commitment to celebrating Pride extends beyond a single month. Explore our curated collection of LGBTQ+ gifts designed to honor and uplift. Among them, our customized 25-piece Pride chocolate gift box stands out as a bountiful and delicious present. 


Overflowing with our finest gourmet truffles, this limited-edition box lets you taste the rainbow with flavors touched with citrus, sea salt, and rosewater. You can also build your own personalized Pride chocolate box, selecting from a range of delightful flavors.


Making a Difference 


Looking for the perfect Pride gift for someone special? Look no further! As passionate chocolatiers, we couldn't resist creating a chocolate gift box that captures the essence of LGBTQ+ pride. Our customized 25-piece Pride chocolate gift box is the ultimate present for anyone celebrating Pride Month, brimming with our best-selling gourmet truffles that cater to every taste bud.


Supporting LGBTQ+ Education and Inclusion

At the heart of LGBTQ+ Pride is a commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive society. That’s why we proudly donate a portion of the proceeds from each Pride Collection Box to GLSEN, an organization dedicated to empowering LGBTQ+ students and creating nurturing school environments free from bullying and harassment. By choosing our Pride chocolates, you're not just sharing delicious treats but also supporting a cause that matters.


Indulge in a Spectrum of Flavors

Experience the joy of tasting the rainbow with our limited-edition luxury chocolates. Delight in popular flavors like tangy lemon, tropical mango, and heavenly salted caramel, all meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable culinary journey. Our Pride chocolate gift box is a unique delight that celebrates diversity and delectable treats.


Create Your Personalized Pride Box

Prefer to curate a gift that reflects individual preferences? No problem! Our website offers you the freedom to build your own custom Pride chocolate box. 

Please browse through our tempting selection of mouthwatering chocolate creations and handpick the ones that will make the perfect addition to your personalized gift. Mix and match milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, and explore myriad flavor combinations, ensuring a truly unique and memorable present.


Unforgettable Pride Celebrations 

While the New York Pride Parade remains an iconic event, there are numerous captivating Pride celebrations across the country. Chicago Pride Fest, Houston Pride Market, Seattle  Pride in the Park, and Georgia Out in the Park Party are just a few exciting events that welcome you to join the celebration. 

If you're feeling adventurous, consider hosting your own Pride Month gathering, where you can create lasting memories with loved ones. And don’t be limited to June: Pride month celebrations can be any month!

Pride Month may have a dedicated time in the calendar, but its spirit of love, acceptance, and support transcends the month of June. With our LGBTQ+ gifts and a calendar filled with remarkable Pride celebrations, you can honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year. Join the Dallmann family in creating a more inclusive and vibrant society that embraces diversity in all its beautiful forms.