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How To Pair Beer with Chocolates

You’ll be amazed at how much you will enjoy pairing beer with chocolates. Scroll down to read out beer and chocolate pairing guide.

If you're looking to explore the delightful combination of beer and chocolate, consider the following tips to enhance your pairing experience:

  1. Strive for balance: Make sure your beer is less bitter than the chocolate you choose, to maintain a harmonious balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

  2. Avoid highly acidic beers: Steer clear of pairing chocolates with beers that have high acidity levels, as they may not complement each other well.

  3. Embrace experimentation: Don't hesitate to try different flavor combinations. Mix your favorite craft beer with preferred chocolates to discover exciting new pairings.

  4. Optimal temperature: Ensure both the beer and chocolate are at room temperature when pairing, as extreme temperatures can alter their flavors.

  5. Match stout beers with dark chocolate: Stout beers go well with higher percentage dark chocolate, creating a delightful contrast of flavors.

  6. IPA with medium body dark chocolate: Bitter ales like IPAs are best enjoyed with medium body dark chocolates, providing a satisfying taste experience.

  7. White ale with citrus notes: If you find a white ale that isn't overly acidic, pair it with chocolates featuring citrus undertones for a complementary blend of flavors.

Dallmann chocolates to pair with your favorite beer:

Fleur de Sel - IPA, DIPA

Vegan Quinoa & Orange - Belgian Double

Caramel Latte - Stout, Smoked Porter

Wild Berries & Almond - Sours, Fruited Ales

Olive Oil, Yuzu & Black Pepper - Lager and Pilsner

By following these tips, you can elevate your beer and chocolate pairing game and discover a world of delectable combinations. Cheers!