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Chocolate Birthday Gifts: The Delicious Happy Birthday Option


Happy Birthday Chocolate by Dallmann.

Does shopping for birthday presents drive you to distraction? 


Do you long for one failsafe option that everyone will love? 


The answer is simple. 


Happy birthday chocolates!


A gourmet gift that is guaranteed to go down a treat, there are so many reasons why a box of chocolates is the perfect choice for any special occasion but especially birthdays! 


Whether you need a gift for a family member, friend, neighbor, or work colleague, read on to find out all the reasons why chocolate birthday gifts are the best! 

 Chocolate is loved by everyone 

Happy B-day Chocolates by Dallmann.

Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, with this creamy and decadent sweet treat appealing to the masses more than any other type of confectionery. 


Kids love chocolate bars, adults can’t get enough of chocolate truffles, and those with a more discerning palate can get maximum enjoyment from single origin gourmet chocolate. 


In fact, you can find high quality happy birthday chocolates to suit all tastes and ages! 

Chocolate is customizable  

If you think that a chocolate gift cannot be tailored to each individual, then think again. As well as the usual suspects, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, there are a whole host of other exciting flavor combinations for you to choose from. 


You can find fruity flavors such as strawberry, mango, and berry, aromatic flavors such as lavender, sea salt, and cardamon, and spicy chocolates that boast hints of chili and ginger. 


Also, for people with specific dietary requirements, you opt for vegan chocolate or dairy-free chocolate. 


Wrap it all in some birthday gift baskets, and you’re good to go.

Enjoy Happy Birthday Chocolates. 

Chocolate can be personalized 


To add that special touch to birthday chocolate delivery, why not add your own personalized happy birthday message to your gift box?


Providing the perfect opportunity to create a more memorable and thoughtful birthday gift, when you order a Happy Birthday chocolate gift box from us, you can add a complimentary message for your loved one. 


Simply pick the chocolate box that you want to send and then type your message into the space provided. It couldn’t be any simpler to personalize your next chocolate gift.


Chocolate can be shared 


Although the birthday boy or girl may want to keep all their birthday chocolates to themselves, this is one edible gift that is designed to be shared. 


Our Happy Birthday chocolate boxes come in three versatile-sized boxes: 9, 16, and 25 pieces so that you can pick the perfect truffle collection for the intended recipient. 


Choose between one of our carefully selected chocolate gift boxes that feature a wide array of popular flavors, or build your own chocolate box for a more custom gifting experience. 


Chocolate is nostalgic 


Think back to your childhood. Do you have fond memories that involve chocolate? 


Perhaps Easter was your all-time favorite holiday, or you loved getting a selection box of chocolates at Christmas?


Chocolate is one of those things that evoke feelings of nostalgia in almost everyone, having the ability to transport you back to your childhood in one small bite. 


Why not let someone you love feel like a kid again with a big box of happy birthday chocolates? 


Here at Dallmann Confections, there is nothing that we love more than putting a smile on our customers’ faces. Whether you need a birthday gift for your spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a child, you won’t find a better selection of birthday chocolates anywhere else. 


With 5-star reviews across the board, browse our happy birthday chocolates here today and create the perfect chocolate gift for your loved one!